Todd Wandio: Crossing Clay

Great Music, Anytime, Anywhere

Todd Wandio is an Albertan born and bred.  Chasing the whirlwind of music for more than 30 years, Todd's songs resonate with poetry, experience, and an open heart.

Starting in the 1990's with gospel worship group  In Flight, and Indie project Sweater Thieves, Todd became inspired to write from experience; to tell stories that are rooted in truth, but speak to an audience because the songs resonate with them.

Todd continued his journey in 2009 with the cover band My Dog Sam, as guitarist and vocalist.  Leaving the band in 2022, Todd focused his energies on his first complete collection:  The Prairie Companion, to be released in 2024.

Todd performs his music at fairs, markets, cafe's and lounges, and corporate events.  He creates a warm atmosphere, a relaxed program closer to a kitchen party than a stadium concert.  Connect with Todd on here, on SoundCloud, or in person, and discover for yourself that Todd Wandio:  Crossing Clay is truly great music, anytime, anywhere.